How do I contact IPA?

You can contact us via the social media buttons on the website, or by email at intermezzo.academy@gmail.com

How do I know which academy is right for my student?

This is determined by the student’s previous piano experience and their age/maturity level. Primo is a fast paced, half day camp. Students are put into teams according to age and piano experience and rotate through 30 minute, hands-on and often high-energy classes. Ages 5-12. The Music Artist Track has an exciting in-depth look at musical topics and lots of hands-on application. Students need to already have a firm grasp of basic music theory concepts and piano technique, However they do not need to be playing “advanced” repertoire to attend. Classes range from 30-45 minutes so a longer attention span is needed than in the Primo Track. Ages 12-16.

Does my student need to have already started piano lessons to enroll in the Primo Track?

No. If your student is age 5-12 and has no piano experience they can enroll in the Primo track. We have classes specifically designed for complete beginners and by the end of the week they will be playing a piano duet with a faculty member on the recital!

Does my student need to have already taken piano lessons to attend the Music Artist  Track?

Yes! A prior knowledge of piano is required for the Music Artist Track.

What should my student bring to camp?

Students should bring some pencils, a sack lunch and a tote bag or backpack to help keep their things together. If they would like to bring one of their current lesson books to show to their IPA teacher what they have been working on they may, but it is not required.

Should my student bring a lunch?

Yes! All student should bring a sack lunch and a water bottle (please no sodas).

How early should I register?

In most cases, registration is open even until the week before the camp starts. Signing up early however, helps us tremendously in the preparation process. So the sooner, the better. And we even give you a discount for signing up early!! Check out our Facebook page to find our Early Bird Coupon. Good only through the month of March.

Where do I mail my Registration form?

Check the top left-hand corner of your registration form and mail it to that address. Depending on which camp you are attending the address may vary.

Is there a family discount for siblings?

Yes! There is only one registration fee charged per family. So for the first child, you would pay the full registration fee and tuition, but you would only pay the tuition for any subsequent siblings. Check out our Crucial Parent Information link for more info.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

The $50 registration fee is not refundable. However, if you need to cancel more than two weeks prior to the academy, we will refund your tuition payment. Once the Academy begins there will be no refunds. We work very hard to make this a personalized summer camp experience for each student and have already invested time and funds to prepare for you student. We appreciate your understanding!